Fundraising Opportunities


Why Liv Nude bags for your school fundraiser?

 We have a new and exciting fundraising opportunity for your schools and students to make a positive environmental impact while earning monies for your school PAC.
Currently, schools are taking an environmental initiative and educating students on garbage, recycling, composting and reducing their use, therefore we feel this fundraiser would be a perfect fit.

Benefits of this Fundraiser:

  • Creates awareness 
  • Gets the conversation started with faculty, students and their families about single use plastics, our oceans and our futures
  • Easy way to grow your PAC funds
  • Easy distribution
  • Order form provided

Additional organizations welcome to utilize our fundraising:

Sporting Teams / Events

Fundraising Galas

Religious Organizations / Missions

Non - Profits / Charities

Please contact us at to find out more details and to get your fundraising campaign started!