Frequently Asked Questions


"But I recycle my plastic bags, so why should I buy reusable ones?"

This is a loaded question.. For a start the Canadian recycling system is broken. When you think you are doing a great job recycling your plastics a lot of them end up in our landfills and oceans, where they will remain for the next 400 years. Many of the plastics we believe to be recyclable are not.  Instead of focusing our efforts on recycling our plastics we  need to focus on reducing our use. 

"Can I put my reusable bags in the washing machine?"

We recommend that you hand wash your bags with a mild dish soap and hang  dry. 

Washing machine use may increase wear and tear on your bags and decrease their longevity.

"These bags are 100% cotton, will they shrink when I wash them?"

Yes, like all cotton the bags will shrink when you wash them, they have not been preshrunk. Fortunately,  if you get them wet you can stretch them back to original size. 

"How long will these bags last me"?

With all things it depends on how you care for it. By treating your beautiful bags with the respect they deserve they have a estimated lifespan of 4-5 years.  About as long as your new big screen TV.

"Why is your name Liv Nude?"

We chose the name Liv Nude because Nude shopping (plastic free shopping) is the way we need to Liv our lives. ~Liv Nude.


"Are your bags made in Canada?"

We are a Canadian Company and designed and created our brand in Canada.

However, as cotton is not grown or processed in Canada, we went on a mission to globally source it. (Any cotton items made in Canada are made from imported materials). 

Due to the high cost of having them made in Canada and our mission to make them affordable so consumers are actually able to make the change from single use plastic, we partnered with an ethically responsible manufacturer in India.