Our Story


We are two local, Vancouver moms trying to make a difference. #livnude #saynotosingleuseplastic

Our backgrounds are 20 years in health care and 15 years in the Recycling industry. Both fields combined give us an insightful look at the damage being done to our planet.  #reducereuse

We were inspired to create this reusable bag due to the overwhelming amount of plastic flooding the market. You see it everywhere and wrapped around everything.  

One day, sitting in the park together watching the kids play, we thought, how can we help to create a solution to the problem, rather than just accepting this is now the way it is. #ourchildrensearth

Reusable produce bags just seemed so obvious and were the first thing that we were drawn towards. 

You're at the grocery store and you pack multiple fruit and veggies into these filmy plastic bags that just get tossed into the garbage. Just like your reusable shopping tote bags which are becoming more the norm, wouldn't it be nice to bring your reusable produce bags to the store? You can load them up, store them at home, wash and repeat. So hence where our name #livnude comes in. 

No more dressing up your produce, shop in the nude. 

So here we are, and we are so excited to be here.  Please join us on this journey and #livnude.